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Our team develops effective acquisition strategies for forward thinking investors. We have a proven track record in increasing both cash flow and equity.

89 Clients Served

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We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity.

Our team of Real Estate specialists consistently delivers outstanding results year after year.  The Aditanium team has a combined total of 70+ years of real-life Real Estate experience is at your fingertips. 

Join our group in creating wealth through collective real estate investing.  Aditanium has a very strict and strategic criteria of what types of properties we will acquire.  Our investments leave room for management fee's without sacrificing projected investor's return on investment. 

Aditanium evaluates and speculates properties in British Columbia and Ontario.  The key to our success is that we have defined exactly what type of property, cap rate and renovations are mutually advantageous. 

A feasibility study is conducted prior to each potential acquisition.  We first look at the location within the community, close to the business and technology sector to attract young professionals that will consistently fulfil their rental commitments. 



President, Managing Partner and Director of Aditanium Capital Corporation, Mr.Toews is a senior executive with extensive experience in Real Estate investment, development, corporate finance and fund management.  Mr.Toews assists companies in structuring their cap structure.

Mr.Toews began his career in Real Estate through the spring of 2002.  At this time Mr.Toews became a member of the Real Estate Council as a licensed REALTOR® and worked with ReMax Little Oak for a period of 5 years.  Mr.Toews also represented Landmark Realty, Lighthouse Realty and Prudential Power Play Realty in Langley.

Shane carries with him a vast wealth of experience in: Public Speaking, Sales, Technology, Marketing, Securities / Raising Capital, Real Estate, Human Relations, Teaching / Instructing and strategic planning.  Currently, Mr.Toews is a licensed REALTOR® for HomeLife Advantage Realty in Chilliwack.  He is also an instructor for the UBC Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Licensee program for www.passrealestate.today and a Reporter for BC Housing News (BCHN.ca), which has a following of over 9,000+ individuals on social media.  In addition, Shane also has a local farming background with the creation of the largest Canadian Hops farm (148 acres) in Agassiz for 2018.  Mr.Toews has been featured in several local and province wide newspaper publications. 

Mr.Toews has layered the corporate bedrock to create one of the most trusted and respected Real Estate Investment Funds in Canada, Aditanium Capital Corporation.  His hands on approach has delivered confidence to both investors and participates by creating an internal policy and procedures foundation that can be relied upon.  The ability to adapt and adjust to changing markets while remaining laser focused on a specific asset acquisition criteria is the key to Aditanium's success.  Mr.Toews is a passionate visionary-entrepreneur and is always available for his friends, family and business partners.



Taylor Apsouris, Chief Executive: Has spent most of his 20-year career in the real estate and mortgage industries. Graduating from the Real Estate Program at the University Of British Columbia (UBC), he currently works with HomeLife Advantage Realty in Chilliwack. Taylor has taken a leadership role and transitioned into the revenue generating property market, handling bank and credit union mortgage applications and later became the CEO for Aditanium Capital Corp. His portfolio management and strategic planning has created a consistent past track record. He is a proud member of the British Columbia Real Estate Association, representing professionals in Canada.


Alisha Ilaender started her career with Aditanium Capital Corp in 2018 as Chief Acquisition Specialist. Alisha’s real love is working with people. She gets to know clients quickly and appreciates the uniqueness of each real estate transaction. Her positive and fun approach to real estate is coupled with patience and professionalism. Alisha invests her determination and enthusiastic nature into the relationships she shares with her clients and is committed to find the right fit for each individual.

With over 15 years of financial industry experience, Alisha was promoted to Asset Acquisition specialist as a result of her strong background in Real Estate, business banking and passion for delivering excellent customer service to stakeholders. In this role she assists our underwriters by liasoning with mortgage brokers and legal professionals to ensure Aditanium's assets are funded in a timely fashion. In her personal life, Alisha enjoys cooking, walking, traveling and visiting friends and family.

O U R    V I S I O N


To be the most trusted Real Estate investment fund, by earning the respect one property at a time.  Deliver results on the way we speak, listen and invest in tangible assets.  Ultimately, to create a low-stress pathway to smart Real Estate investing that creates long term passive cash flow and a profitable exit strategy.

Asset Acquisition Business Cycle

Our past track record & work speaks for itself. We deliver an outstanding cash flow generating properties deliberately-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.


When analyzing the investment potential of a neighbourhood, Aditanium conducts a feasibility study to look at key economic & social indicators.  In each city we study, we develop a comprehensive report on:  employment rates, average household income, affordability of living, population growth expectations, the cities Official Community Plan, the attitude towards business, government investments and city bylaws.  This helps to determine the ideal municipality / city to acquire our next asset. 


A fundamental part of our acquisition criteria is the building, and it's key characteristics.  We look for buildings that are under managed and undervalued within neighbourhoods that young professional residents would love to live in both now and in the future.  Below average rents, above average vacancies and poor building maintenance is an ideal building for Aditanium Capital Corp.  These factors present potential opportunity to assume ownership, create value and improve the overall quality of life for our tenants while increasing assets value.  Potentially distressed or undervalued assets can turn into a generous return for investors with a strict budget and appropriate turn-around plan.


At this stage, we have assessed the profitability of the asset with extensive financial modeling, taken into account the necessary renovations along with a "buffer" above the target purchase price in order to protect the long term profitability of the investment.  A minimum capital requirement equal to 25% - 35% of the purchase price is pooled by our investors.  Investors require the highest possible ROI of 15% - 25% to make the venture attractive.  The remaining 75% - 65% of required capital will come from Commercial & Institutional lenders where Aditanium will only have to pay around 4.5 - 6%.  Aditanium's executive team has extensive negotiation experience and often achieve's a quick close on the asset.


During the acquisition process, as part of the due diligence, we assess what capital cost would be required to bring the building up to a standard of living that attracts a higher quality tenant and monthly rent.  Our renovation plan & strategy is based on what would attract target residents for a long-term tenancy.  There are no surprises or un-expected costs as renovations are prepared well in advance.  


Part of the acquisition planning is the pre-planned exit strategy.  This is how well we believe the asset will preform over the coming years, based on macro-economic conditions at the time of the investment.  Aditanium will typically hold an asset for 5-7 years.  During this time, passive cash flow dividend payments are made to investors associated with the asset.  At the end of the 5-7 year life cycle, the asset is then sold for maximum profit.  These profits are then distributed amongst our shareholder / investors according to their unit entitlement.  At this time, investors can work on something else or work with Aditanium on another acquisition project.

We focus on managing the building with a strict profitability focus.  Our main goal is to sustainably drive up the net operating income of the building through effective management of revenues and costs, in an effort to drive the overall value of the building higher.  Long-term value creation is critical.  Satisfied residents are key to this long-term profitability view.