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Financial Independence - Stable Returns - Low Risk

Atitanium targets neglected and older multi-family apartment building units with a strong structural foundation.  Once our building due diligence has been complete and the asset has been acquired, an exterior renovation plan & timeline is implemented.  This add's curb appeal, improves the quality of tenants and increases the overall value / equity in the acquired asset.

A renovation plan & budget is set in place, outlining the cost for new appliances, flooring, paint and other materials.  Common area's are completed as a first priority.  In addition, as units become vacant, our team works to renovate each unit over a 3 year period.  This increases the overall quality of life for our tenants and the value of the asset for our investors.

Passive cash flow is distributed to investors during a 3 year period while exterior and interior renovations are being completed.  At the end of this cycle the asset is either sold with profits being distributed accordingly, held for passive cash flow and possibly leveraged with existing equity to acquire an additional asset.


Why Invest?

Performance dashboard
Unique access
Seamless process
Minimal fees
Careful project selection
Experienced management team


A better way to invest in Real Estate


Technology, Experience & Strategy To Increase ROI

Our competitive asset acquisition strategy has a foundation of real life experience and optimized with the use of today's technology. Aditanium has developed a disciplined investment menology allowing for low risk, low fee's and 20 - 25% ROI per annum. 

While others get distracted, we stay laser focused.  At Aditanium, we have a specific criteria including the: Type of property, condition, acquisition price, projected ROI and more.  There are other always other opportunities in Real Estate.  We understand that it's better to focus and do one thing very well rather than risk quality on multiple simultaneous projects.  Results matter.

Scaleable optimization is an important part or our asset acquisition strategy.  At the moment Aditanium is actively targeting multi-family apartment buildings in British Columbia & Alberta.  However, we plan to take our strategic asset acquisition strategy across Canada and through out North America.

Time efficiency is a tremendously important component of Aditanium's optimization.  Our in-house proprietary technology allows us to connect with our contractors, asset management team, investors and all the moving parts that make our organization stream line, efficient and successful.

Choose the frequency you would like your dividends paid directly to your bank account.  This could be quarterly, semi-annually, annually or you may also choose to allocate your dividends towards the purchase of a second asset.  We give you the freedom to choose what's best for you. 

In today's world, it's important to evolve and adapt to the ever changing world of technology.  This is why we've developed a personalized investor dashboard with our innovative platform.

Transparent documentation is made and updated via the Investor Dashboard.  View when:  New tenants move in, tenants are late on rent, served an eviction notice, exterior construction / renovation progress & more.